Our Premier Issue
October 1995
The Wine Nose

Introducing New Wine
in the Same Ol' Bottle (Store)

The Bottle Store (at Lincoln Hwy and Annie Glidden) is pleased to announce the new team of Bill Callahan and Grant Olson who will be handling our revamped wine club and wine section. As you can see, our newsletter has been renamed, and this is our first issue.

Bill grew up in (but not out of) the wine and liquor business, which included a three-year stint in wine sales with Pacific Wine. His checkered experience hopscotched him from coast to coast attending seminars and tastings, including a round of midnight golf in the buff at Chimney Rock Vineyards (where he has never been invited back). He has blended wines, before and after they have been in the bottle. Bill moved on to a four-year tenure at a family retail store where he developed a posse of wine tasters that he would occasionally round up to make sure that DeKalb County was safe for quality wine consumption. He nows lends his varied background and talents to the bins at The Bottle Store.

Grant came into this world with a bouquet in his mouth and a banjo on his knee and knew that he was born to drink wine. An early 1970s trip to the Napa Valley and a taste of Inglenook's Cask-specific wines (before they wimped out and sold wine to the airlines) left this impressionable young man with a good taste in his mouth and a benchmark for future imbibing. On a miniscule budget, Grant began to collect things and lay them down. He still understands the concerns of wine buyers trying to save and be saved at the same time. While going to graduate school, Grant wasted a good four years in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York and helped pay for the Cayuga Wine Trail. After coming to DeKalb he soon fell in with the wrong crowd, meeting monthly at the DeKalb Liquor Mart under the tutelege of Bill Callahan. He has steadily gone downhill from there, as far as that is possible on the plains of DeKalb. Grant likes to help people, and he needs help.

In order to get the wine section at The Bottle Store back on track, we are seeking to restructure The Store's inventory. What does this mean for all of us? One, we need your help in clearing the shelves to make room for our new vision of the future. Beam me up and uncork me! We are going to try to make wine bottles walk out of here for reduced fees. And this is where your help is needed. Visit us; grab us by the neck; take us home with you; lay us down in your cellar; see how we respond — we are a living, breathing thing.

This is an opportune time to think ahead and plan for your holiday needs. It is a time to stock up and buy while our wills are weak and our prices and our moods are right. Not to mention that there are featured wines in the store that are aged and ready NOW, instead having to buy new and wait for your stocks to mature.