I often get the notion...

to try writing about something without seeming to be writing about it. What kind of goal is this? Naturally, every subject or discipline, whether we are aware of it or not, has its own traditions. Once I was an aspiring academic who had to learn a certain lingo. But being involved in academics for a while, you start to see the evolution of certain disagreeable words and ideas that mean almost the same as preexisting terms. Some of the fashionable terms that arise in academia make you wonder if you really want it bad enough to have to use terms like: paradigm shift, diaspora, hegemony, and "crisis of representation." I didn't. And the same goes for wine. Our motto is: an unpretentious approach to fruit of the vine. In other words, I vow to try and write about the stuff without making it the sole focus. There must be a way to walk between raindrops, or at least arrive at a destination without looking like you are all wet. Ordinary life with wine woven in — something like that. I have often tried to extend my other interests into the realm of wine, or draw wine into day-to-day life. No still life with wine allowed — we are interested in motion blur and process. After writing one of the pieces that follows, a friend said, "I never realized that wine and Eastern philosophy could be related." We believe they can. There are many sites out there that can tell you about the chemistry of wine and the history of crushed grapes. We are more interested in the doubts and wonder of daily life and how wine enhances experience. Travel with us as we poke fun at a genre, poke fun at fashion, and poke fun at ourselves. Cheers!

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